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Tolo Harbour
- Lo Fu Wat
- Yim Tin Tsai
- Yim Tin Tsai (East)
- Yung Shue Au
Tolo Harbour

Located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong, Tolo Harbour is a semi-enclosed harbour with one inlet in the east at Mirs Bay. The new towns of Shan Tin and Ma On Shan is located on the south shore of the Harbour while Tai Po is on the East Shore. Fish culture zones in the area include Yung Shue Au, Lo Fu Fat, Yim Tin Tsai and Yim Tin Tsai East. Lo Fu Fat is the only place for pearl culture in Hong Kong.

Because of the bottleneck and nearly landlocked configuration, the harbour is poorly flushed by tidal currents. Water in Tolo Harbour was once eutrophicated by to uncontrolled discharge of domestic, industrial and agricultural wastes. Red tide is commonly occurred in the 80’s with most seriously in 1987 (~30 times). The Tolo Harbour Action Plan is implemented in 1986 to control the waste discharge and upgrading of sewage treatment work. Together with the Tolo Harbour Effluent Export Scheme in 1995-1998, the eutrophication condition has been significantly relieved. There has been reduction in TIN levels and the chlorophyll-a level met the water quality objective in the past 10 years. Annual red tide occurrences have been reduced from a peak of 20-30 in the 90’s to less than 10 in recent years

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Risk of red tide occurrence:
Low < 30 % (Forecast for 2012-04-19)

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